Produced and Directed by

Aaron Hosé


Produced by

Chris Bremer

John Schaub


Inspired by the article

“Village in the Clouds”

Written by

Tony Coolidge


Adapted by

Aaron Hosé


Photography by

Aaron Hosé

Chris Bremer


Edited by

Aaron Hosé

John Schaub


Associate Producer

Derek Bedini


Original Score Composed by

Stella Sung


Production Managers

Philip Diller

Tammy Turner

Li De-Wei


Sound Engineer

Alex Cromartie


Score Mixer

Jon Friskics


This film was made possible through grants and contributions from The ATAYAL Organization, the Taiwanese United Fund, Pristine Communications, and the Taiwan Indigenous Cultural Enterprise Development Association (TICEDA).


77 minutes • Color/1.78:1 • English and Mandarin Chinese